torsdag den 22. maj 2008

Library additions

Ooops, forgot: I was really sick around my birthday in March - and in my feverish state I bought cook books on Amazon.

Spectacular cakes has awaken my inner Martha Stewart - I now want to be an amazing cake decorator. My exam will be this saturday, where I'm creating wedding cupcakes for the royal wedding between prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier.

Then there's Medina Kitchen. I love North African food and this book is so inspiring - and I especially enjoy the portraits of the women who makes all the food. The men in North Africa apparently mainly cook for feasts and in public.

Last, but not least - UK hit chef, Skye Gyngell is out with her first cook book. She has an amazing story, she used be a drug addict, but she cleaned up and discovered a love for food. She now runs a very popular restaurant in London. Her approach to food is interesting - she works with two basic flavourings; earth and sky, which are included in every recipe.

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