mandag den 28. januar 2008

Chili and green tea

So, it's January. And of course I'm to be found under my duvet. Sick. I am - however - trying to get rid of fever and sneezing by eating an obscene amount of chili and downing green tea by the litres. My dear colleague Camilla Nivaro wrote, that green tea can cure just about everything, so green tea: Consider this you exam!

I made my favourite thai chicken chili dish last night - and there's enough to feed my tonight as well. Ahh, joy!

You can make it yourself:
Heat oil in a wok and roast dried chili flakes and finely chopped fresh red chili (as hot as you need it). Then add black chili paste and thinly sliced chicken fillets. Fry for five minutes and then add tomato ketchup, fish sauce, a bit of sugar and more dried chili flakes. At the end, add thick slices of spring onion and caschew nuts. Eat with rice - on the side, to douse the chili's heat. You might want to call this dish go away mucus chicken chili...

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