torsdag den 24. januar 2008

Words of Food

I always read cook books on the toilet. It seems to be the best place for getting inspired and cooking up new ideas. So which books do I bring with me at the moment?

# Silver Spoon - more than 2.000 recipes from the Italian kitchen. It covers everything - there's even a chapter on wild boar.

# Pork & Sons - the most beautiful cook book. Pig is the only animal that counts here, and you'll need a lot of time to cook yourself through these pages. Especially the patés sounds delicious.

# Domestic Goddess - an all time favourite from Nigella Lawson. She got me baking when I thought I couldn't. Thanks!

# River Cafe Cook Book - not new, but so inviting. This is the place Jamie Oliver learned to make simple, italian inspired dishes - and it shows. Try the pressed chocolate cake. I serve it with whipped cream folded with lemon curd.

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